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High Chaparral cast, guests, crew and family: David & Rose Dortort, Steve 'Bunker" DeFrance, Jackie Fuller, Marie Gomez, Wally Johnson, BarBara Luna, Kent & Susan McCray, Alex Sharp, Warren Stevens, Neil Summers, Malachi Throne, Greg Walcott, Jack Williamson, Bill Wistrom, Morgan Woodward, Mayf Nutter, Bob Shelton, Nancy Bohman, Lauren Levian, Mark Headley, Kiva Hoy, Ray & Carolyn DeWaay, Leif Erickson family, Cameron Mitchell family.

Honored guests: Robert Fuller, Darby Hinton, Stan Ivar, Roberta Shore, Terry Bowmar, Vern Gillum, Charlie LeSueur, Boyd Magers, Jeff McCarroll, Wyatt McCrea, Dr Buck Montgomery.

Special thanks to the Bunkhouse girls: Kathy Shepley, Tammy Brooks, Susan Russ, Karen McKibben and Sandi Pickel AND all who selflessly volunteered through the years. Your help will NEVER be forgotten!

Extra special thank you to Arbuckles’ Coffee, faithful sponsors every year in Tucson.

Very gratefully for our mutual love of The High Chaparral -

Riding through the gate for one last time -







2013-2016 Thanks for the Memories!

Come Home to the High Chaparral!

With a very heavy heart I have decided to permanently close The High Chaparral Reunion. Unfortunately for everyone involved from our wonderful High Chaparral cast & crew and guest stars, loyal fans, the incredible Bunkhouse crew plus local Tucson businesses and sponsors continuing to celebrate The High Chaparral in Tucson will not continue.

It’s been 14 years of amazing memories and dreams come true! A huge thank you to my family and my co-workers who have shown me what true love, kindness and friendship really is all about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who made the Reunion possible – our fans, celebrities, sponsors and bunkhouse helpers.

High Chaparral Stars: Bob Hoy, Don Collier, Rudy Ramos, Henry Darrow and Ted Markland.

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